Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on let me introduce myself. Since I was small, I keep telling myself that no matter how difficult and no matter what kind of challenges may come between me and my dream, I will conquer it. I fully understand that there is no gain without pain and if I work hard enough and stay on the right course, I could make my dream come true. I know deep in my heart that by becoming a radiologist and a doctor, I could be of service to humanity and I could do more to make the lives of others better.

My fascination with radiology and the medical profession started when I was still very young. My mother has RA (Rheumatoid arthritis) and watching people like mother struggle with RA is painful for me. I usually accompany her during doctor’s visits, MRIs and x-rays. I used to beg her to take me along during these trips so that I could observe the way doctors go about their jobs. During those visits to the doctor’s office, I fell in love with radiology and the medical profession. I find radiology quite intriguing. The fact that doctors can diagnose changes in my mother’s condition and keep track of her illness by observing the condition of her bones enthralls me. I believe that with the use of the latest technologies, we can catch diseases at their early stages and help patients recover faster. Moreover, as we enter into the digital era of modern medicine, radiology can be a great tool to reduce the sufferings of people. Radiology is an ever-evolving field and every now and then, there are some exciting developments in this field that could change the way doctors treat diseases. I want to be part of that kind of dynamic profession. The idea of change does not scare me and I love to embrace positive changes especially when that means bringing better services to the people around me.

To fulfill my dream, I will need to go through college and get a degree. I believe that I am ready to tackle the challenges of college life.

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