Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on has the explosive device impacted us ability to develop a reasonably priced tactical vehicle. The improvement of the vehicle armor on the military vehicle has made the insurgents place IEDs on raised positions like utility poles, road signs, or trees so as to be able to hit the less protected areas. In Afghanistan, it was reported by military experts in January 2010 that Taliban fighters had already developed a new, almost undetectable generation of the IEDs.

This new generation has no metallic or electronic parts compared to the previous IEDs that were triggered by two blades of hack-saw separated by a spacer. The most recent and lethal means of exploding the IEDs is the trigger mechanism which incorporates either the use of the radio, cell phone, is a victim-operated or infrared device which makes it difficult to detect or disarm them.

Due to the new inventions and improvements in the use of IEDs, law enforcement and military forces personnel have come up with several RSP (render safe procedures) to curb the threat of IEDs. This RSP may be developed from direct experience with the devices or research applied which is designed to counter the threat. Among countermeasures put in place include the application of the underbelly armor appliqué’ on the EFV (Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle) as it comes ashore and before their encounter with the IEDs following the June 2007 letter from the Subcommittee of House Armed Services on Expeditionary Forces and Sea Power to the marine corps commandant3. The January and February 2010 tests at the center of Aberdeen showed that the EFV offers protection on blast equal to the 2nd category protected vehicle of the mine-resistant ambush, including two IEDs which are simulated on its tracks and under its belly4.

Improved explosive devices (IEDs) in Iraq and Afghanistan have also impacted the US army’s ability to develop a reasonably priced tactical vehicle. This is because it has since helped in the development of improvised vehicle armor. This is an armor that is added or centrally planned in the field, which was originally part of the design. In the recent US-Iraq and US-Afghanistan wars, US troops armored their Humvees in their war against Iraq. Their transport vehicles were also armored with scrap materials. The Americans came to know this as “hillbilly armor or hajji armor” when Iraqi contractors installed it.

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