I will pay for the following article IT Failures in History and How They Could Have Been Avoided. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Why did the companies never focus on advertising as they would have? While researching this topic, I realized that some of the products were not globally recognized. Why were the products not globally known to consumers all around the world? Maybe the communication was not good enough. The most important question that prevails in my mind is why the communication networks were not used as extensively as they would have to market the high-tech products? (Flyvbjerg, 2011).

From this situation of products of IT falling in the market, we can derive that there was a lack of communications all across the globe. Particularly, there is a desperate need for efficient teamwork which makes sure that the whole organization thinks the same way. Famous leaders, such as Cameron have comprehended that a mutual structure for a strong hand by the government will ensure enhanced communications. The communications process should be well recognized and well-integrated all across the organization (Sourcing Shangri-La, 2011).

The worldwide language of the end-to-end business procedure has to be holistic particularly. The whole communication process has to be well integrated within the organization so that it spends enough on advertising and promotion to let people know of the company’s products. The combination of risks, analysis, compliance, quality, and a document has to well integrate into the firm. Different stakeholder groups have to be treated differently by the management of the firm to support IT processes with the businesses. Also, bolster the people through continuous improvement of the organization (Sourcing Shangri-La, 2011).

These problems, issues, and questions have been answered by prestigious leaders in the field of Information Technology. As described earlier, an integrated system of communications has to be used by the company. Obviously, this is not an easy task practically. Theoretically, it seems like it is clear and neat but realistically, it is not. Complete execution of communications also goes through confrontation which is beyond the normal pace of work (The TIME Magazine).

It is difficult to shift the whole culture of information technology communications to welcome simplicity and new levels of accountability and visibility in the organization.

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