I will pay for the following article Global Warming: Cause and Mitigation. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The burning of fossil fuels release gases such as carbon dioxide which increases the percentage of greenhouse gases. Scientists believe that the unnatural increase in greenhouse gases is causing the temperature of Earth. Reports suggest that the temperature of Earth has increased by 0.75 degrees centigrade and the sea level has also increased due to global warming. The misbalance in greenhouse gases will lead to unpredictable weather forecasts and adverse climate events are bound to increase. Global warming has adverse effects such as changes in the economy, health, agriculture, water sources, and climate. Global warming if not taken care of it has the power to destroy the earth (Maslin, 2004). Global warming is taking place in the world and the protective blanket has been dented. Climatologists have carried various studies that summarize that the increases in greenhouse gases lead to an increase in the temperature of Earth. The elevated temperatures will cause deterioration of the world’s climate (Fisher and Narain, 2003).

The atmosphere of Earth is like a sheet on the earth. The gases present in the atmosphere make an imaginary blanket on Earth and it traps heat from solar rays. The average temperature on the surface of the earth is 15 degrees but if the protective mechanism had not been present the temperature would have been -19 degrees. This protective mechanism of Earth is called the greenhouse effect. This effect is an amazing thing because it protects life on the surface of Earth. This protective blanket is made by gases that include carbon dioxide as well as water vapor. The function of these gases is to absorb and trap heat from the sun. Water vapor and carbon dioxide are responsible for absorbing large portions of the longer wavelength of solar rays. The rays are reflected back to earth and some to outer space. A natural equilibrium is necessary between the reflected and absorbed rays.

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