I will pay for the following article Critically discuss how scientific paradigms influence research methodologies. Which of the current theoretical views & methodologies are most relevant to research within your discipline. The work is to be 7 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. as its research methodology given the kind of paradigm it uses, prompting the researchers to establish first where the discipline they deal with belong. Research is an undertaking that is concerned with the exploration and understanding of social phenomena that are both academic and informative in nature. It pertains to formalized and spontaneously occurring social, psychological and cultural processes which are known as education. Research, therefore, deals educational concerns from a range of concepts and understandings of the social reality. This explains why a number of varied paradigms have been developed to explain the criteria according to the one selected and the definition of the problems awaiting the inquiry. Research methodology, on the other hand, is the inquiry strategy, which draws from the underlying assumptions to research design and data collection (Niglas 2000). Research methodology is mostly classified as either qualitative or quantitative, although there are other distinctions concerning the mode of the research. These two tend to create distinctions about the knowledge of nature and also the way data is collected and analyzed. (Rescher 2000), and finally the kind of generalizations deduced from the data. While quantitative research method tends to study natural phenomena, qualitative method inquiries into the social and cultural phenomena.

This paper will inquire into the various ways in which scientific paradigms influence research methodologies, which of the current theoretical views and methodologies are most relevant within the discipline of engineering. Finally, it will also look into the reasons why the methodologies so selected are most relevant in this discipline.

There are three philosophical perspectives widely accepted as paradigms in the contemporary social, management and organizational research. These paradigms include the Positivism paradigm, Interpretivism paradigm and the Critical Postmodernism paradigm.

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