I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Actor-Network Theory. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The system’s function is determined by the ways these two aspects form, apt, and augment each other (Lee). The Actor-Network Theory is derived from the socio-technical perspective (Walsham).

To understand the Actor-Network Theory, the relationship between society and technology aspects can be exemplified. For instance, when a person does something like driving a car or writing some kind of document on a word processor, then there are a lot of factors that impact the person how he performs all these tasks. When a person drives a car, his drive is affected by some factors, such as traffic rules and regulations, the cars steering capacities, and the previous driving understanding and capability. Or if a person is writing on the word processor, then it is affected by his previous understanding, the word processor’s functionality, and the system capability to support the processor, etc. These influences are interrelated with each other, as people do not act or perform tasks in a vacuum, but are affected by several adjoining factors (Hanseth, Aanestad, and Berg). The Actor-Network Theory is mainly concerned with these factors and their relationships and influences.

Actor-Network Theory, which is also known as “enrollment theory” or “sociology of translation”, was developed by Bruno Latour, Michel Callon, and John Law during the mid of 1980s (Latour) (Law) (Callon). Actor-Network Theory is a theoretical framework that explores the communal socio-technical processes. This notion is rooted from the socio-technical perspective, and it advocates that scientific work is basically similar to the other social undertakings. It disapproves of the “natural” justification of scientific works, as realists argue, and the&nbsp.“cultural” account of scientific work, as social constructionists argue. On the other hand, it proclaims that science is a course of diverse production where the social, theoretical, literal, and technical aspects are perplexed together, or in simple words, they are put side by side and are translated.

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