Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses summary of 3 topics. It is supported by the claim of providing the examples and practical elementary facts related to how the established forces and agents of the American automobile industry played their roles in reducing the spectrum and scope of electric car and in return led to its subsequent failure.

The cause and claim for developing electric car gained impetus and demand in the early 1990s when people demanded introduction of the new form of automobiles that would not add to the already threatened environment and the constraints that are faced by it. Owing to the public demand and the requirements the director of the movie Chris Paine undertook the investigative strategy and study in bid to expose all the ingredients and factors that did not let it flourish. A certain segment and monopoly has been said to be responsible for the non flourishing of the possible solution to the global oil consumption, global environment threats and other costs and economic considerations and constraints subjected with the usage of the fuel supported automobiles that are largely in place at present.

The movie in the form of documentary and given an account of the ground facts that dominate and dictate the terms of the modern day automobile industries as well as the factors that are impeding the growth and introduction of the electric cars. The director of the movie has invested considerable research into the movie with aims of providing the customers with the real objectives and reasons why the technology could not flourish.

The documentary made quite a stir with regard to its subject and the message conveyed through it. The directional features and other angles of the good movie making and the essentials required for a movie are fulfilled and based on this the move has won number of awards in terms of the critics and directional specialties.

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