Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses potential threats to the database. It is evidently clear from the discussion that databases require having the higher level of security to defend against malicious and accidental threats. In this scenario, a threat is some kind of situation that can badly affect the database system and the data inside it. Additionally, the attacks on a database are increasing day by day due to improvements in technology and online web. However, there is an important question that is “what is the cause behind database attacks?”. The answer to this question increases in access to data stored in databases. For instance, the data stored in a database is accessed by a number of people (employees, customers etc), thus the probability of data theft augments. However, another reason for database attack can be earning money by selling a sensitive business, personal or economic information such as social security numbers, credit card numbers. This can be done by hackers or corporation’s employees. The database is typically assumed to be trustworthy. Additionally, the objective behind this assumption is to achieve security in opposition to outside attacks and also against users trying to attain information outside their rights. In addition, the issues and threats to data security mean security threats to the database. In this scenario, a person (employee, customer, or hacker) who is able to access a database can peruse, change, or even steal the data. Thus, focusing only on database security is not enough to ensure the database security. However, all the elements of the corporation should be confined, such as a database, the network, the operating system, employees who have any chance to use the system, and the building(s) in which the database exists actually.


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