Compose a 2250 words assignment on on employment. Needs to be plagiarism free! The report contains two key sections that are, preparation section and the implementation section.

I will work closely with the client and the media planners in order to understand they’re in house operations. My position will have a good understanding of client expectations and objectives. In this case, our organizational objectives should collaborate with the clients’ objectives. To achieve these goals, I will develop the ultimate media objectives. This helps to determine exactly what the client will end up with, by utilizing certain advertising strategies. In action, I will recommend the media to the client then give the information to a media intermediate to negotiate the rates. As well, I will be required to orient, scrutinize and keep the client’s budget. Likewise, I will also analyze the results of specific advertising campaigns and report this to the department head, the account executive, as well to the client. Given that I have majored on social media, I will be required to orient multiple online campaigns before taking them offline. Hence, I will have to convince the client that a social media strategy is appealing and cost inquisitive.

Given that digital market has created a new generation of media bright young things who offer clients with media solutions (Leeflang, 2014, p. 12), I plan to use digital media predominantly in the business strategy. I, therefore, plan to work with the creative agency team, in order to develop media and campaign strategies. The creative team will comprise of three unique individuals, a writer, a designer and a programmer. I will discuss the client’s package with the team, write and design as well as work and rework on the problem until a lasting solution is realized. I also plan to incorporate the intelligence on the account. The account planner will gather the necessary information to ensure that the client problem is properly handled. By collecting the data and market intelligence, it will be possible to engage an advertising campaign that is properly rooted in the industry.

The threesome team will make the campaign come live since their roles correspond with each.

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