Compose a 1250 words assignment on a close relationship between alcohol consumption. Needs to be plagiarism free! In this paper, I will discuss the relationship between alcoholism in young adults, sleep patterns, and academic performance by an article, ‘Alcohol consumption, sleep, and academic performance among college students’ by Royce Singleton and Amy Wolfson, to get knowledge of how the habit of drinking and irregular sleep patterns affect different behaviors of young adults. I will also write about my own drinking and sleep behaviors, which I kept during the last week. I slept for almost four hours each night of the last week and took three drinks each day of the week, on weekends I took even four.&nbsp.College life is the most critical stage of life of a person. In college, a person develops different kinds of habits and behaviors. Some behaviors are useful for the success of a person in personal and professional life whereas some behaviors put an adverse impact on health and social life. Two of the unhealthiest behaviors which most college-level students develop include excessive drinking and inappropriate sleep patterns. Both of these behaviors are very harmful to the health of young adults. Along with the effects on health, drinking and inappropriate sleep patterns also affect the academic performances of the students. Singleton and Wolfson (2009) state, “Both heavy alcohol consumption and unhealthy sleep habits are associated with various behavioral problems, including poor academic performance”.&nbsp.Medical science has proved that alcohol consumption affects the thinking abilities of the children, which consequently affects the academic performances of the children. When children drink, whether on weekends or regularly, the effect is on the brain of those children, which is the most important contributor to good academic performance. Drinking not only affects the thinking abilities of the children but also intoxicates children and the intoxication smoothens their way to become habitual drinkers.&nbsp.Unfortunately, no controlled researches have been done to know the effects of alcoholism on the academic performance of the children because, in the United States of America, it is not easy for a high school student to drink because of alcohol prohibition laws.&nbsp.

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