Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: The Partys Over, Time for the Favors. The present research has identified that an effective leader is a person who has the ability to recognize organizational failings and acknowledge that those failings are an opportunity for improvement. &nbsp.Undercover Boss gives corporate leaders the chance to experience firsthand what their company’s organizational failings are and then use what they witness as a learning experience. The most important quality a leader can possess is being an active learner. &nbsp.For Sam Taylor, this experience gave him the chance to understand the company from a new perspective. &nbsp.By undertaking several “blue collar” jobs with other Oriental Trading Company employees, it made him realize just how big the information gap was between top management and warehouse employees.&nbsp.This information gap was possibly the biggest failure in the company. warehouse employees in the warehouse had suggestions to improve the company, but there was no direct communication line to reach management.&nbsp.On the other hand, management had no way to understand what warehouse employees valued. Without knowing what the workers valued, they were rewarding them in the wrong way.&nbsp.This gap was causing more than low company morale—it was starting to cause a serious lack of company loyalty.&nbsp.Sam had to realize that the more that you are engaged in learning, the more successful you become as a leader. &nbsp.By encouraging other members of management to get involved with the everyday operations to discover what their constituents valued, the company can grow and develop into a more unified corporation. &nbsp.


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