Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Social and Political Position. A man by the name of Robert B. wrote an article on this case. The article’s name is, “Pierce vs. Society of Sisters” In his case, Robert explains how the supreme court of the US declared a 1922 law unconstitutional. This law compelled children between the age of eight and sixteen to attend a public school. He says that this Oregon compulsory public schooling law had been sponsored by the Ku Klux Clan, the Masons, Federation Patriotic Scientists, and other small groups, which believed in the white supremacist, anti-Semitic, Anti-Catholic well as the nativist believes.

Ryan in his article about, “Pierce v. Society of Sisters” explains that in order to draw on popular concerns, these reformers made the argument that private schools used to permit non-American elements to persevere, and that compelling public school attendance was the best way to adapt these varied masses to the culture of the American Protestants. For the enforcement of the law, guardians and parents who failed to send their children to public schools were subjected to paying a fine of one hundred dollars as well as 30 days jail sentence. This system appeared to be highly unreasonable according to the society of sisters.

Case Briefs is an organization that has analyzed the contents of the case. In their article “Pierce v. Society of Sisters,” they say that the sisters specifically claimed that this law was interfering with the rights of parents in their decision to have their children attend private schools in which they could receive religious training. The sisters felt that this act was being unfair. According to the writer, this fact compelled the sisters to file the case.

Berkley Centre for Religion, Peace and World Affairs, feels that there lacks evidence to prove that religious schools are not fit for children’s education, in their article on the same case, explain that parents will not be prevented by the government from sending children to religious schools. This case is a good example of how political as well as social factors can influence society. It is a matter that affected parents, children as well as the government.

Everyone wants to maintain their culture but at times it might harm others. Another event that had a great impact on education is the formation of the American teacher’s union. This had a real impact on public schools’ lives, teachers as well as the pupils that they serve.

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