Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Analysis of How Democratic Is the American Constitution by Robert A. Dahl. Its brief nature is indeed an added advantage to the readers as opposed to if the book tried to cover all aspects of the Constitution that are already reviewed in records. The shallowness of the book and the specificity of the topics may be argued to raise lots of suffering by the book, but Dahl still makes his point that the Constitution does not give attention to democracy and therefore it needs to be amended (Dahl, 2003).

In as much as the book really discusses almost all reasons why the Senate and the Electoral College should be abolished from the electoral system, it does not cover arguments that support the importance of such bodies. If for instance popular votes were cast at the national level, it would result in a very inefficient voting system and hence human errors would be rampant. Again, in the event that there requires being a recount at the national level, it would prove to be such a problematic thing in the entire nation. but these aspects go unaddressed. This part of the Constitutional discourse according to me is really supposed to have been included in the book for the readers to compare and contrast the pros and cons of the Constitutional system and make their own informed decisions. Having looked at the negative and positive aspects covered in the book, I strongly believe that Dahl at least made an effort of discussing both historical and contemporary issues in the states.

This book increases the knowledge of the reader on the political systems of the U.S and I would recommend that every freshman in every college should struggle to have a copy of this book or at least go through its review for their own benefit. This is beneficial especially when the reader is unable to describe the reasons as to why the American Constitution is not perfect as is considered by requires several amendments.

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