I will pay for the following article Cause and Effect of Air Pollution. The work is to be 1 page with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Some of the causes of air pollution in Mexico are the exhaustive gases that come out from the automobiles as well as the industrial soot. Moreover, pollution also occurs due to the geography of the city and the speed bumps on the roads. Corruption at the emissions inspection stations is another cause.

However, the effects of air pollution that occurs in Mexico are immense and they are negative since air pollution has a negative impact on human and animal life. Air pollution leads to poor visibility, headaches and various kinds of allergies. Moreover, people often face the problem of runny eyes and nose.

Another effect of air pollution is the short span of life for the people who reside in Mexico City since the quality of life decreases. Due to air pollution, the people have to stay indoors and this means that they will watch the television more often. Air pollution is also destructive for wildlife because of which it also reduces tourism and reduction in tourism means fewer earnings.1

Therefore like air pollution other problems too have a certain cause or causes which results in various effects which can be either positive or negative or both.

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