I will pay for the following article Analysis of Bailout Nation by Barry Ritholtz. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. According to the Ritholtz, there are three major issues with bailouts: there is something that is inherently unjust on some individuals acquiring a free ride as everyone else has to pay his own way (Ritholtz & Task, 2009). The practice of how some teams get saved by the government, while there are others that are left to struggle, is in and itself suspect. If people knew anything about bailouts previously, it is that every rescue endeavor is more expensive than the one that was before it.

Barry Ritholtz’s rascals gallery of executors and facilitators consists of Allan Green, former Sen. Phil Gramm, both Presidents Bush and Clinton, Secretaries of the Treasury Larry Summers and Robert Rubin, the greatest Wall Street companies, the rating agencies and the Washington regulators (Ritholtz & Task, 2009). Together, the mentioned persons and institutions built a system that permitted banks, as well as financial institutions to run with no or little effective oversight, and thereby getting the profits of their success and ensuring that their disappointments would be endorsed by taxpayers. The author also exposes the manner in which each bailout throughout the modern history has impacted what occurs in the future. For instance, the reason Chrysler ought to have been allowed to fend for itself in 1980 and the effect it has on bailouts have come to be understood (Ritholtz & Task, 2009).

The author looks at the issue as if there two type of individuals on Wall Street. There are people such as himself, who hold the belief that the industry ought to be a “brutal meritocracy” where one eats what he has worked for.

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