Need help with my writing homework on Long Term Effects of Sexual Abuse. Write a 1250 word paper answering; In many cases, sexual abuse is usually an ongoing process that occurs over a prolonged period of time. Sexual abuse has a significant short term and long term impact on the victim, and this may affect their social and personal lives in the future. This also has significant effects on their families and friends as well. The focus of this paper is to highlight some of the long term effects of sexual abuse has on the future lives of the victims. Victims of sexual abuse experience problems in their marriage and personal lives, and are likely to engage in high-risk behaviors. These problems are common to both males and females.

A number of studies have shown that persons who have been sexually abused at any given stage in their lives are likely to experience problems in their future married lives. In a study conducted by Andrew Cherlin, Linda Burton, Tera Hurt, and Diane Purvin (2004), the authors used ethnographic and survey data to determine the effect of sexual and physical abuse have on marriage and cohabitation. This study was based on a survey of women in families in San Antonio, Chicago, and Boston. According to the results of the study, the authors observe that women who have been abused sexually abused in their childhood are unlikely to live in long-term marital or cohabiting unions (Cherlin, et al, 2004). Such women experience short-term unions that do not lead to stable marriages.

The possible explanation is that persons sexually abused in their childhood have weak family and friendship ties, and this makes it difficult to get the necessary emotional support needed to sustain a relationship. Furthermore, persons who have been sexually abused, especially during their childhood, suffer from depression and other mental health issues (Cherlin, et al, 2004). Such problems further make them experience difficulties in communicating and living with partners for sustained periods. In many cases, persons are sexually abused by persons close to them&nbsp.such as family members and friends. This makes it difficult for abused people to trust anyone, even their spouses, and this further contributes to their poor marriage life.&nbsp.

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