Need help with my writing homework on Internet Security Management at CPCNet. Write a 1250 word paper answering; Analysts at CPCNet found that usage costs were major factors that prevented people from using the Internet. It was conveyed to the company management that reducing costs would attract more customers in the domestic market and also help the company to expand into overseas markets. The company has been trying different methods to reduce the cost of usage of the Internet, to boost its productivity, and expand into new markets both domestically and internationally. Most importantly, the company has a policy to continually improve upon the way in which it presently operates. Under the current project, I was to implement a strategy that could cut down costs and also expand the market of the company.

After analyzing the requirements of the project, I felt that the company needed a new strategy even though it had sound operational effectiveness. Michael Porter insists that there is a difference between strategy and operational effectiveness. He says that strategy is involved in devising means that makes a company drastically different when compared to its competitors. This change may be in the work culture or the organizational outlook of the company. While operational effectiveness has short-term goals, a definite change in strategy involves a change in operations that can have far-reaching consequences for the company. Potter affirms that most of the operational efficiency tactics end up in a cheap price war that has only short gains. Another fact of strategy is that it has to function optimally, its objectives have to remain constant for a longer time period and cannot change repeatedly. The strategy should not be changed according to the compulsions in the market and hence there has to be a genuine and patient effort to identify a good strategy and then adhere to it for long-term goals.&nbsp.

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