Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on The Inmigration and Globalisation: The Modern Nation State and Citizenship. It needs to be at least 2000 words. “…multiculturalism should be seen as the next episode in the continuing story of liberalism and nationalism and in fact constitutes an attempt to separate politics and culture by finally divorcing the pair” (Levey 64).

A liberal democracy deals with the recommendation and aggregation of preferences defined prior to political intervention (Dryzek 10). In other words, liberal democracies are a representation of different groups and units in a given economy and is steeped in the fundamental equality of human beings and protection of civil liberties on a collective level (Scheurman 59). This shows that multiculturalism is seen as an essential component of nations and communities in liberal democracies.

This paper examines multiculturalism and liberalism as a component of liberal democratic states. To this end, the paper will examine the limits and promises of multiculturalism and liberalism in diversifying liberal democracies.

Basically, a liberal democracy is a nation which accepts that people have inalienable rights that must be respected and honoured. A nation like the United States of America was formulated on the rights of people to equality and justice. And through the United Nations, countries around the world recognize and accept the need to honour the rights of people in all situations and conditions.

In that sense, it can be said that a single value system or a monocultural system that is based on restrictions and limits that affect the liberal rights of a nation is against the essence of democracy in a liberal nation (Levey 51). This is because a single value based system is one that expects everyone to conform to a given set of values and rules. This comes with the inherent challenge of getting people to compromise certain aspects of their human rights in order to conform with the social expectation.

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