Write a 8 pages paper on compare and contrast the difficulties international maritime organisation (imo) have faced and develop scenarios explaining why working at international level is a comprimise. Through a process of closely coordinated efforts of its designated committees and subcommittees, it is responsible for rendering professionalized services in all safety aspects of maritime

This also applies to the context of technical consultations and special problem solving, where the necessity of expert consultations are also required. Due to administrative and procedural delays, there are many aspects of marine endangerment which continue to plague international sea trade. These problems are difficult to contain even for a multinational agency under the aegis of United Nations Organisation.

One underlying aspect that needs to be understood is that while the IMO is a regulatory body that adopts law making, it is for the individual countries to implement the proposed laws by changing their respective legislatures to accommodate the IMO directives. If this is not forthcoming, the very purpose of initiating laws would seem to be an exercise in futility. “The problem is that some countries lack the expertise, experience and resources necessary to do this properly. Others perhaps put enforcement fairly low down their list of priorities.” (International Maritime Organization, Frequently asked questions)

The IMO was operationalized in 1959, within a minimum of 21 member states, but as of now, there are 167 Member States and 3 Associate Members. (IMO Member States 2002).Several governmental and non-governmental agencies (NGOs) also contribute immensely to the overall functioning of the IMO. It is constantly endeavouring for enhancing the safety and security aspects of movements on the high seas, especially in the modern era of international terrorism and oceanic piracy. The responsible role it now plays in world oceanic trade as an independent institution&nbsp.is very commendable, and it is now believed to be one of the most useful, effective and progressive agencies of the United Nations Organisation.

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