Write a 7 pages paper on the motivation and job satisfaction of employees. Bamberger & Meshoulam (2000) state that the organization’s financial reward system can positively impact an employee’s job performance and the desire to remain employed. Jurkiewicz et al. (1998), in their study, says that 629 public and private sector employees ranked 15 motivational factors according to both their relative desirability and the degree to which they are being received on the job. It was observed that what motivates the two sectors at the supervisory level and the striking differences apparent at the non-supervisory level were both quite similar to each other. Statistical analysis provides strong evidence of making a vague impression of the two sectors on several vital issues.

According to Cappelli & Chauvin’s empirical research, efficient compensation can reduce the employee’s tendency to “shirk,” which includes factors like excessive absenteeism and reduced job effort that often leads to termination. Effective Compensation Practices will increase an organization’s ability to attract and retain the best employees for their organization. Compensation systems will continue to expand the scope and administrative complexity, and with this, employers have become more interested in benefit-cost containment.

The problem situation

Employee motivation is one of the significant issues faced by every organization. A manager is usually responsible for motivating his subordinates and those working under him and creating the ‘will work’ attitude among the associates. However, suppose the same manager does not encourage his subordinates and maintain a certain level of satisfaction level within his organization. In that case, it may so happen that the workers’ willingness to work dramatically reduces, and even though he was immensely talented, he might not achieve anything. Thus, the organization should be able to make use of motivation to enthuse the employees. Of course, in XYZ Company, this relationship has not been identified till now. Hence, this study focuses on employee motivation in the XYZ organization to examine how a salary or pay factor can affect such a variable.

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