Write 8 pages thesis on the topic al qaeda in yemen. This paper looks into the multiple dimensions of the problem ranging from its threat to the stakeholders, the history, current scenario and other dynamics of the problem at hand (Rollins 2010,p. 10).

The overall threat comes in a multiple manner. The first is that to Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia shares its borders with Yemen. The potential control of Al- Qaeda in Yemen would lead to its expansion and reach out towards the borders of Saudi- Arabia. Saudi Arabia itself feels highly threatened and vulnerable by the ambitions of Al- Qaeda. It is a threat to the regional peace and poses serious threats to the gulf that exists between the Shiite and Sunni population which is being exploited by external sources.

Another threat that is faced by the Yemen itself. Since Yemen’s elected government has been ousted in form of control over the office of President Mansur Hadi. Al- Qaeda being a globally banned outfit and radical in its outlook, the people of Yemen are at a direct threat in this regard since they are not only hostile to the locals but the outside world. Secondly, Al Qaeda’s actions have often been seen with high concern and fear by the Shiite population of Middle East. Given the fact that their slogan is religious in nature and they claim to be the protective guardians of the Sunni community, the over forty five plus percent Shiite population of feels directly exposed to this threat.

The concerns of United States of America come about in the form of the spread of Al- Qaeda and its agendas and ideals. Since United States of America has initiated a global war on terror and aims at reaching out to any part of the world where Al- Qaeda may be operational, it therefore is a new front for United States of America to engaged in Yemen. United States of America is already engaged in mitigating the challenge thrown by Al- Qaeda in Iraq. This would lead to a new front (Davis 2008,p.144).

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