Write 6 pages with APA style on The Issues Surrounding Mixed-Race Children. Throughout the years, these mixed race children have been treated with ambiguity – not quite discriminated against like their minority counterparts and not quite accepted among the majority population. Their behavior also straddles these two extremes. consequently, their peer acceptance is not quite improved on either side of the fence. And now with the election of a mixed-race president, it is a possible opening into more acceptable standards of recognition of these children. There are various implications that can now be drawn for and about the future of mixed race children. These implications shall be drawn from various discussions of experts and socio-cultural theorists and analysts. Future implications would mostly focus on sociological aspects and discussions.

In an article by Khan (2007), he mentions that the present acceptance and prevalence of mixed race relations and children are the most visible signs of racial harmony. In a way, this is a truce between and among the different races of the world. There is now a greater acceptance of mixed race children and the possibility of improved relations among the different races that exist around the globe. It is important to note, however, that this acceptance was started in the 2001 census which featured boxes for mixed race children. Where before, the boxes broadly covered general categories, now, more specific descriptions and classifications are available for these mixed race children (Khan, 2007). This implies that mixed children are now slowly but surely being identified as they are – not as whites, or as blacks, or even as Asians, but as mixed race children. In a big way, these children would now have the chance to be themselves and to be accorded the same rights and privileges and even responsibilities that their pure-breed counterparts enjoy.

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