Write 6 pages with APA style on Contract Law-PDPD. This paper illustrates that for most students, it is anticipated that the plan will have a substantial focus on identifying strategies to fill gaps and strengthen their study skills, as well as career planning, perhaps identifying skills and/or knowledge they need to acquire or further enhance, to enable them to achieve their career goals. Other steps identified as necessary to enhance employability are also likely to feature in the plan e.g. work experience and relevant extra curricular activities. The present research has identified that for those students already with an established career, your plan may feature less on employability and more on career progression and academic/or personal development. In formulating their plans and identifying goals, students must consider the key skills which our University expects its graduates to possess and which it is also likely that employers will require. The researcher states that the plan should not only set clear goals but also, to be effective, should identify how the goals will be achieved, a timescale for achievement and a means of knowing how the goal has been met. There is no set format for this work but you are encouraged to use the University’s SPARK template. It has been designed to be a practical means for you to document the skills in a format which can readily be transferred to application forms for employment or further study.

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