Write 5 pages with APA style on Training and Conditioning of Animals. The different kinds of methods utilized in training the two animals are accompanied by controversy. This is because some of the methods are considered inhumane and cruel as they are characterized by physical handling. However, there are other methods, which are more humane and gentler.

Natural horsemanship is the training and care of horses in accord with their normal conduct, physical being, diet, and movement. This training method is an effective approach utilized for training horses. According to Lesley Bayley, since the 1980s, natural horsemanship has been in wide use as horse trainers have accepted it. This is due to its effectiveness in approach and ensures appropriate results. Most people view the method as a consideration of how horses communicate with each other in relation to body language (Bayley, 2007 p 39). Consequently, others view natural horsemanship as the integration of equipment for instance ropes and keeping the horse as traditional as possible without shoes or rugs. On the other hand, others utilize natural methods such as communication and equine psychology with a more traditional approach (Birke, 2007 p 217-240).

The method is effective, as the trainers practicing this method have to understand the horse’s needs, social and psychological systems. Natural horsemanship is based on the natural instincts and the various methods of communication of the horse (Birke, 2008 p 17-126). The method operates on the philosophy that the horses should be conditioned by the use of less force and not through pain and fear. Natural horsemanship revolves around the use of pressure and pressure release. Consequently, trainers who utilize this method must use a firm approach, which is relatively fair. Therefore, trainers try to divert from the traditional approach, which utilized fear to force the horse into submission or to enhance motivation. Therefore, the method is very effective as it respects the needs of the animals (Lane, 2009 p 35).

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