Write 2 pages thesis on the topic effects of whey protein consumption on resistance workout recovery. How exercise can reduce stress levels for college Problem definition The issue I intend to research is how exercise can reduce stress levels for college students

. College students experience many forms of stress such as academic stress. Students also experience social stress and financial stress especially if they have to pay for their college fees. Stress has negative impacts on a student’s academic performances and health. Exercise is among the most effective strategies of relieving stress.

2. Literature review

Study outcomes confirms that students who engage in more physical exercises have lower level of stress compared to those who engage in less physical activities. Stress is highly reduced when students exercise together because it enables them to interact with each other (Nies & Wilson-Salandy 1). According to Britz & Pappas (1), stress reduces stress by elevating students’ moods while releasing tension. Exercise can reduce academic stress because it increases students’ concentration in class. This enables them to understand the concepts taught in class (Britz & Pappas 1). Studies also reveal that physical activities help in increasing the level of endorphins. These chemical reduce stress by making one acquire enough sleep. Some students have stress because they do not get enough sleep. The chemical is usually referred to as the natural pain killer (Sharma & Kauts 40).

3. a. Hypothesis

Physical exercises do not reduce stress levels.

If students exercise daily they cannot get enough sleep that relieves stress

b. Variables

The independent variable in this study is exercise. Students who will participate in the research will be exercising for 45 minutes daily at the same time. Dependent variables in this study are the levels of stress and the hours of sleep students get after exercising. Stress level will be measured using the Perceived Stress Scale.

4. Research design

a. Data collection method

A suitable data collection method for this study will be survey. Survey is the best method to collect information about individuals. It is one of the commonly used methods used in psychological studies. Participants will be required to give self-report on the surveys. This method is also effective because it allows one to collect a lot of information within a short time. In addition, it is a cheaper way of collecting information. It is also easier to create and administer it compared to other data collection methods.

b. Validity

One way to ensure validity is to make the survey questions clear and short to make the respondents understand them. Asking questions in unbiased way will also increase the validly of the data. Biased questions can influence the results because they lead respondents to a particular answer.

5. Ethical concerns

a. Participants could be harmed if they engage in very intense exercises. In addition, they could be emotionally harmed if their information is revealed to other people.

b. Students can assure no harm by engaging in safe physical exercises. This can be done by seeking professional help before engaging in the exercises. In addition, students could be protected by keeping their information confidential to avoid emotional harm.

c. Students can be assured of confidentially by keeping their information in envelops and making the surveys anonymous.

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