Write 14 pages thesis on the topic identity formation and globalization. The term “globalization”, in essence, refers to the change of spatial and temporal limitations, which is the reduction of distance because of the remarkable reduction in the time required to bridge spatial differences which have, in turn, caused the slow integration of economic, social and political space across state borders. Even though globalization is often solely related to the financial field, which is with processes of distribution, production, and consumption along with financial services and growing global trade, financial globalization is intractably interwoven with changes in the cultural, social, and political fields. In addition, globalization is an extremely multifaceted and complex occurrence.

There is, on the one hand, the tendency towards synchronization, homogeneity, unity, integration, and universalism. Also, there is a tendency for localization, differentiation, heterogeneity, particularism, and variety. These procedures are intricately intertwined. They represent, in reality, two sides of the same coin. Hence, the phrase “globalisations” is at times used to show that globalization is not an ever-present or standardized process, but involves a variety of manifests, terrains differently in diverse contexts. The term – “globalization” – is used to show that globalization has different effects on individuals in diverse contexts (Cunningham, 2001).

In this rapidly globalizing planet with all its challenges, struggles for identity have come out as one of the most outstanding traits of the cultural, social, and political field. One of the most significant elements of the identity discourse is the relative recency of its surfacing and propagation. A prominent British cultural scientist referred to as Stuart Hall, in 1996, argued that there was a genuine discursive outburst in recent years around the theory of “identity”. According to the cultural scientist, this outburst has since 1996 prompted an avalanche. A few other features of modern life have succeeded in drawing the same amount of awareness. “Identity studies” has not only turned into a thriving industry, but the concept of identity has also turned into the prism through which a majority of other features of modern life are premeditated.

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