Like any other writing process, email writing is faced with several weaknesses which in return affect the content contained in the emails which are delivered to various destinations. The following are the weaknesses which were made when composing emails which are revised below. Weaknesses identified are. confusion of conclusion, getting out of purpose, making the email so long, failure to proof read the email before sending it, and poor planning.

Date: February 1, 200x

1. To: Kaitlin Merek From: Seth Jackson “Searching for help”

Maintaining the children’s centre requires large sum of funds to run it. In this regard we are calling for well wishers to come in, and help us in financing for the activities to ensure the children in the facility enjoy the services, and get quality live (Lawrence 234). This is essential in the budget drawing of the organization to the intended cost in their operations. We are hosting the golf charity to collect funds which will be used to finance our activities.

We are therefore welcoming all interested people to this function to aid the comfort of our children.

Seth Jackson

Children resource coordinator

2. To: Amosft Manager List

From: Stella Soto “Dealing with excessive emails”

Emails are essential tools used for communication within and outside organizations. To reduce the cost incurred in phone calls as opposed to other means of communication.

It is worth noting that excessive usage of emails may tend to reduce the efficiency of employees as they will over depend on emails and this acts as a barrier to the performance f the employees. This email is sent to notify the manager that employees are excessively using this model and they turn to be reluctant and this might reduce the total production capacity of the organization (Lawrence 234).

In this regards we are calling for management attention on the way employees use this method to avoid and reduce the organizational outcome.


Work cited

Lawrence, H. (2009). Internet e-mail Protocols, Standards and Implementation, Artech House Publishers,pp234.

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