I need some assistance with these assignment. with reference to current research and your own experience, consider importance of children’s essesntial needs to a school’s behaviour management policy Thank you in advance for the help! Good practice within schooling comprises of a great deal with doing elementary basics for the students so that their basis is made stronger and that they do not have issues which are of the most basic nature. Their nurture must be done in a way that their personalities mold in a positive manner and that optimism should reign supreme. It is usually the responsibility of the parents and teachers to make sure that the good practice is embedded within the personalities of the students, and that there are absolutely no glitches in the make-up of their work domains when they grow up within the future (Noell 2002). Hence good practice is deemed as very pivotal towards schooling of students, the grooming and other realms. More than anything else, good practice comes about with an effort to turn desires into realities, on the part of the school authorities through school behavior management policies.

As far as the identification of threats towards normal development of students is concerned, there are aplenty. These suggest that normal development can be marred if there is disconnect between the school’s behavior management domains and the students for a long amount of time. Perhaps the curriculum taught to them is not in line with the requirements that the students have at that particular stage within their lives. There are a number of other threats as well, all of which can bring about trouble for the students and their future aspirations (Shuttleworth 2003). These include the basis of interruption that the students might have within their lives as well as the modern sources of entertainment which take away the attention of the students every now and then. The threats come in large numbers as fun and frolic seems to be a much happening thing as compared to the curriculum and books that these students read.

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