I need some assistance with these assignment. teen sport positively contributes to adolescent’s live as they transition to adult life Thank you in advance for the help! The adolescents need to develop skills to prepare them for adult life. The community is thus required to provide an enabling environment that enhances competence of the teens in academic, social and cultural lives.For the teens to successfully move to adulthood, it is a central requisite for them to develop and interact with the world.

Sports play an important role in modeling the lives of adolescents as it bears a positive impact on development. Teen sports include. basketball, football, gymnastics, athletics among others (Steinberg 96). Teen sports are usually offered through community recreation centers, learning institutions, and private clubs. Teen sports nurture adolescents’ self-esteem and enhance positive peer relations. This helps in evading negative pressures. The engagement of teens in sports ensures that they do not lay idle. This eliminates the incidences of evils associated with idleness such as adultery, theft, alcoholism among others. However, it is necessary to have controlled teen sports because some are unhealthy, dirty, and risky. The community and the government in general should take an initiative to control teen sports to prevent moral decadence (Wepner, Feeley, and Strickland 67).

Sports enhance the interaction of teens from various ethnic groups, races,s, and gender. This encourages the exchange of ideas, experiences, and learning from each other’s way of life. . This promotes the diverse relationship of peers. Diverse relationship eliminates the evils of ethnicity, racism, and gender disparities. The relationship brought about by teen sports castigates courage in the way adolescents conduct themselves. The diverse relationship makes the teens stop considering parents and relatives as the only people to relate love and interact with. Thus sports play an integral part in molding the relationship interaction of the adolescents.

Participation in sports makes adolescents proactive and healthy.

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