Hi, need to submit a 3000 words paper on the topic Intelligence Led Policing. Also, in case of the operators delving into investigations centering on specific targets, appropriate intelligence allows them to narrow their approaches on more plausible lines of investigation. Intelligence tends to be a three-pronged law enforcement utility. It is a process, a product and a structure at one and the same time. It strengthens the law enforcement and public safety organizations by helping them better understand the environment they are assigned to police. However, while resorting to intelligence-led policing, it is also an onus of the law enforcement organizations and officials to look to it that it gets practiced within its legal boundaries.

It is really interesting to note that the very mention of the word intelligence conjures up wrong images in the minds of many people (Ratcliffe, 2008, p. 263). To the common people, the word intelligence often sums up to be a clandestine or covert operation conducted by officers who tend to specialize in shady law enforcement activities, which to some extent tends to carry along with it a tinge of moral ambiguity (Ratcliffe, 2008, p. 263). However, in the context of the crime intelligence analysts, it stands to be a systematic, methodical and logical approach towards things that immensely aids the understanding of the criminal environment in which the law enforcement personnel are required to operate (Ratcliffe, 2008, p. 263). However, there is no denying the fact that in the post 9/11, information-saturated world, the nature and scope of intelligence are still ignored, misunderstood or unceremoniously sidelined. Yet, the things are sure changing for better. Many salient experts and opinion makers are of the view that the concept of intelligence-led policing is now being widely recognized by the police services around the world as an essential aspect of the way they work and operate (Wardlaw & Boughton, 2006).

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