Hi, need to submit a 2250 words paper on the topic E-Marketing, Web Design, Business-to-Business, Sales & Customer Service in Modern Banking. Internet Banking received a major boost with the rapid development and penetration of banking activities conducted over the internet. Activities like money transfer and securities trading can be done through internet banking. It’s a virtual bank in itself which is often an extension of it’s brick and mortar model. With expanding information technology it is wise for the banks to adopt and leverage it, for expansion of business and better and faster delivery of services to the customer. Some of the benefits of internet banking are:&nbsp.24 Hrs service.Real-time service delivery.Geographical neutrality.Cost-saving.Faster service.Broader reach.

Internet banking is being used both in B2B (business to business) and retail banking. There are also some banks that only have a virtual presence, for example, Nexity Bank. Generally bigger banks tend to offer internet banking. This is because smaller banks often find the cost of the service unprofitable before they expand to a certain scale.

Lloyds TSB is the largest retail bank in the UK serving over 30 million customers. Being one of the largest banks in the UK and the world, it has taken to internet technology in a big way and offers an array of services to its customers over the internet. Some of the internet banking services offered by TSB are like payment of bills, management of direct debit and standing orders, online application for a savings account– overdraft – credit card –personal loans, online travel money (without commission), online statements and so on. They also provide online banking guarantee and free weekly text alerts and the best is that registration for such services comes free of cost.

Internet banking has different stages. The very fundamental or basic stage is about ‘information’. it offers information about the bank and its offerings. The next level is ‘communication’ which offers interaction between the customer and the bank’s information or IT system. ‘Transaction’ is at the core of the next stage, where customers virtually transfer money/funds, pay bills and so on.&nbsp. &nbsp.&nbsp.

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