Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic The Memory Method. Foer and Freiere have differing views regarding the memory method. This study aims at analyzing arguments for and against the memory method as presented by Foer and Freiere, respectively and on this basis give a conclusion on the memory method.

Raemon Mathews and Tony Buzan believe that the memory method ineffective in modern place as a way of learning by students. The memory method is still important for people since what people remember belongs to them and they became creative through an illustration of what they remember.

In Freiere’s view, the memory method is similar to the “banking deposit” education system and that students learn nothing from it. He believes that education through the memory method is merely an act of depositing where the teacher is the depositor and students depositories and the information if communiqués to which this process he calls the banking concept of education. He believes that communication is one way from the teacher to the students and the students have no opinion in decision making in the memory method. Freiere believes that knowledge materialize from invention and reinvention through “hard work, continued and expectant and impatient humans in the world, with the world and with each other” (Freiere, 60). He also believes that the banking concept of education reduces the creativity of students. hence, it is the least effective method to use in the learning process. The banking concept of education enumerates the challenges facing the education system as the students and teachers do not meet their requirements. He, therefore, gives no credit to the memory method as a method of learning in the education system forming the main argument he has against the memory method.

Owing to the problems noted by Freire in the article on memory method, he gives the opinion that a good education system is known as “problem-posing”. Problem posing emphasizes freedom in the relation between a teacher and a student and communication is both&nbsp.teachers to student and student to teacher.

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