Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic The Poem The Truth about Lying by Jack Willer. First off, Jack Willer introduces the wholeness of lying among people in a few words that he highlights throughout the poem. By and large, he confesses that he is a liar like everyone telling no “big lies” normally (Willer 81). The question is that the author deeply speculates on where the truth about lies is. Nevertheless, this question remains unanswered in the poem, thus, letting readers make their own suggestions on that case. When Willer says “Most of my lies are intended to soothe, or make someone happy,” everyone gets to know himself/herself better (Willer 81). It means that people choose to lie in order to keep their inner worlds and their perceptions of people and things around the firm. That is to say, Willer intends to make readers believe in the fragile nature of people’s souls aimed at hearing or seeing something pleasant due to the aesthetic sensitivity in everyone. However, Willer is witty enough to lay emphasis on and separate lies from dreams for the sake of truth, thereafter. Thus, he remarks that telling “myself that everything is fine” and even that “God is in the heavens and I am blessed” is the issue which a man believes in.

In fact, people are all the same throughout the historical development of society and human thought as well. The poem by Willer is a remarkable justification of where the pitfall of fallacies is. Lying “with ease and regularity” is up to everyone around despite objections coming simultaneously. As far as might be seen, those who cannot even confess that they are liars fall short of telling the truth. In other words, they are the biggest liars in the world. However, those who are constantly trying to point out the exact nature of lying and the ethical assumptions thereof are likely to be close to getting the truth right.&nbsp.Jack Willer just reminds readers that this talk is everlasting and dealing with white lies leads to worse lies that spring up eventually. This cycle is also never-ending.&nbsp.People generate the flow of lies thinking they can shift everyone’s expectations for better.

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