Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic The Issue of Phone Spying. Although intelligence and experts may rightly point out that Hayden may have slightly exaggerated the susceptibility of smartphones, yet many have used the same rationale to discount the usefulness of smartphones. The same has opined that smartphones and other electronic devices push people into personal enclaves, destroy the thumb, eyesight, and alter human behavior.

However, in spite of all the perceived setbacks which are attributed to smartphones and similar electronic gadgets, smartphones, and electronic gadgets are essentially good in that they facilitate communication.

One of the characteristics of smartphones is that they are an integration of mobile phone systems or applications and computer systems. Because of this, there are indispensable values that accost the use of smartphones. One of the fundamental values of smartphones is that they facilitate communication through the conventional subscriber trunk dialing system. Like the rest of their humbler mobile phones, smartphones allow the possessor to dial a number and to communicate with the target from the other end, provided the caller is operating within the parameter of the terms and conditions set by the mobile network services provider and the constitution. This mobile telephone call communication can be either local or transnational and therefore deals with a terrible claim, the claim that smartphones plug-in and isolate people. In fact, as opposed to the conventional system of communication where verbal communication is accompanied by face-to-face contact, communication through this system allows people from any part of the world to communicate, and thereby significantly knitting this world into a global village and bringing people closer than never before (Min, 13).

Second, it is important to acknowledge the fact that smartphones are fit with Internet access, either via a cellular network or Wi-Fi.

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