Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on sports ethics and sport policy. The sports policy is grounded o the hypotheses that the key principles required for the creation of quality sport and should be incorporated in the policy. These principles include: the sport should be value-based, efficient, technically sound, planned, sustainable, shared, and comprehensive. Also, it is necessary for participating in sports activities to maintain good conduct and maintain the integrity of sports. The policy is a tool of offering the Government and other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) the appropriate direction so as to realize the desired results. It enables the government and NGOs to flexibly carry out their core mandates within their jurisdictions, and consistently contribute to the set objectives. Implementation of the policy is done through complementary action plans deduced by the state either individually and collectively, or bi-laterally and multi-laterally, or both, and other stakeholders in the sport and related sectors. Due to the constantly evolving and dynamically changing technological advancements and developing of new needs these policies should be under constant review to meet these needs (Bloyce & Smith, 2009).


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