Need an research paper on customer satisfaction in ritz. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism. The organizations have recognized that in order to better serve the customers it is necessary to find the factors that ail them. A customer survey is one of the most popular means of analyzing the level of customers’ satisfaction in an organization (Miller & Lawton, 2002). Customer satisfaction gains all the more relevant in the hospitality industry like the hotel industry.

The Ritz hotel is one of the prestigious and luxurious hotels in France. The hotel is located at the heart of Paris in France and is one of the seven recognized Parisian palace hotels. Ritz presently offers 159 rooms with suites, restaurants, bars, and private salons. True to the spirit of Ritz, each room offers a harmonious blend of modern ease and classical charm in a quintessentially French style. While there can be many reasons to choose Ritz over others. some reasons can only be experienced (Ritz Paris, n.d.). The hotel, now, plans to evaluate the level of customer satisfaction with the help of a survey. ‘Guest Satisfaction Questionnaire’ is distributed in various guest rooms and suites of the hotel. This report contains the questionnaire along with the proper methodology to analyze the same. A conclusion has been inferred from the analysis and plausible recommendations are suggested to improve the service.

Research Methodology

Customer satisfaction is majorly understood as the sense of satisfaction that a customer feels when he or she compares his or her expectations with the actual quality of the acquired service. Satisfaction is closely related to the quality of the service (Krivobokova, 2009). In the absence of customer feedback, the quality of service is extremely difficult to assess. That is why direct involvement of the customers is necessary to analyze the improvement activities. Since the evaluation of the level of customer satisfaction demands considerable involvement from the customers, surveys are of paramount importance. A customer survey is a part of primary research.&nbsp. In this case, primary researches are used to investigate an issue specific to business and to get feedback from the customers.&nbsp. &nbsp.

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