Hi, need to submit a 500 words paper on the topic Psychological Theory of Drug Use. Psychological Theory of Drug Use

Several theories explaining the use of drug and its association with crime have become particularly important in the contemporary world when drug abuse and addiction are major issues. Conceivably, the psychological theory summarizes drug abuse in a much better way than the biological and sociological theories. It is so because individual decide to engage in drug and substance abuse due to their psychological state. In this regard, it is worth noting that three aspects exist under the psychological theory and they explore various hypotheses concerning the key reasons why people abuse and use drugs. In essence, the psychological theory, under the three main elements, explains the major mental differences that distinguish drug users from non-drug users. This paper, therefore, explores the psychological theory of drug use with respect to the three tenets namely, reinforcement, problem behavior proneness, and inadequate personality.

As far as the reinforcement principle is concerned, people tend to indulge or continue their drug use due to the results that they want to achieve by doing so. Fundamentally, reinforcement can be either positive or negative depending on the motive of drug use. Positive reinforcing usually result from the pleasure or ‘highness’ that an individual derives from certain kinds of drugs. It makes them want to repeat the act of drug use even more and this leads to multiple or repetitive drug use over time. On the other hand, a person may decide to use drugs to avoid certain scenarios or problems that he or she perceives are imminent. When they use drugs for this reason, it is referred to as negative reinforcement whereby the main motive is avoidance of external problems rather deriving pleasure.

Other people may decide or continue using drugs because of their inadequate personality, which may not necessarily be true. In the case of inadequate personality, it is critical to mention that low self-esteem is the main culprit and it has a great impact on the victim’s emotional status. When a person has low self-esteem or they lead a life full of fear, they are highly predisposed to drug and substance abuse. Consequently, they tend to overindulge in substance and drug abuse in a bid to hide their true personality. In real sense, they do not conceal their personality, but rather escape the reality temporarily. When they are back in their senses, they still have to grapple with their inadequate personality.

Certainly, problem behavior proneness is one of the major reasons explaining drug and substance use. Though people will tend to be social drug users at the beginning, addiction brings in overindulgence and such people will do anything to make sure that they satisfy their addiction. Whereas a vast majority of people will tend to act in conventional ways, others have a habit of exploring unusual behaviors and tendencies in a bid to make life better. Research has proved that people who take unconventional routes are the most innovative and efficient than those who conform to the norms. In this respect, some people use drugs as a means of being odd and standing out from the crowd. Owing to their personal ego, they experiment with various drugs in order to appear or behave differently and this theory contributes to their drug use and addiction.

In conclusion, the psychological theory of drug use gives the perfect impression of why and how people indulge in various drug use activities. It could be because of inadequate personality, problem behavior proneness, or even reinforcement. Whichever the principle, it is vital to note that the whole theory behind drug use anchors in the minds of the individuals concerned. It is so in the sense that the emotional status and stability of people can significantly influence their attitude towards drug use, and subsequently, drug addiction.

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