You will prepare and submit a term paper on Tools to Make Rightmove’s Website Better. Your paper should be a minimum of 2750 words in length. Company website’s become the all-around representation of the company.&nbsp. It is the showroom and the virtual office and the selling area and whatever else that the company and its clients find use within and about the site.&nbsp. Similar to the real world, a good presentation to the actual and potential customers is imperative to convert visits into sales.&nbsp. Thus, all the ease and conveniences, as well as the attraction and presentation, must be present in the company’s website to lure customers to visit, “look around” and eventually purchase the goods that the company offers.

One of the industries that find good usage of the internet is real estate.&nbsp. Through an internet website, the meeting of buyers and sellers in this specific industry has become easier and faster while the reach has become broader.&nbsp. The website to be analyzed and evaluated in this paper is the real estate industry in the United Kingdom in general and the website in particular.

Web Site Analysis

Business Objectives and Business model is a website where real estate buyers and sellers meet.&nbsp. As such the main purpose of the site is to advertise properties for sale or for rent in given locations and areas.&nbsp. Further, it aims to gather all the estate and letting agents, the properties which are up in the market and the potential clients in one site.&nbsp. It utilizes the subscription model approach wherein the agents and offices have an ongoing subscription with Rightmove.&nbsp. Through this, they will be able to post the properties which are available in the market.

Primarily, the site is for the advertisement of the properties in the market whereas selling, which is the main goal of the site is not carried on within the site itself.&nbsp. It is handled off-site.&nbsp. The website offers an extensive showcase of properties wherein the potential customers could have a general idea of the properties through the available information offered on the site.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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