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You will prepare and submit a term paper on Suicide Bombings: Crimes against Humanity. Your paper should be a minimum of 4750 words in length. In modern times, suicide terrorism represents a major threat to both domestic and international peace. It is the highest-rated disruption in our time to international order and humanitarian operations and actions. As such suicide bombings from an international law perspective can be considered crimes against humanity.

Reflecting on the evolutionary stages of terrorism, particularly the epidemic of suicide bombing, its consequence, and its associated promoters, this paper seeks to ascertain that suicide bombing is indeed a crime against humanity. It underscores the motivation behind suicide bombing as well as countermeasures to minimize crime against humanity in Iraq. It also highlights the failure by the United Nations Security council to minimize suicide terrorism, especially in Iraq. Further, the paper presents a recommendation on how the citizens can be protected against suicide bombings as well as the consequences of terrorism and its countermeasures.

Article 7 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court of July 17th, 1998 as quoted by Schabas, defined Crime against humanity as any law violation against humanity perpetrated through acts such murder, extermination, extradition, subjugation, or any inhumane acts which are committed against any regular citizen populace, before or amid the war, or abuse of power on political, racial or religious grounds in the execution of or regarding any wrongdoing inside the ward of the Tribunal, regardless of whether the act disregarded the local law.3 The law was enacted to provide safety havens globally against various threats that subjected the humanitarian space to threats and could lead to loss of lives. Regardless of the existence of the law, crimes against humanity and the humanitarian crisis has marked the oscillatory tone of global balance.

Terrorism, in its diverse forms, has become a major global threat for international peace and cooperation&nbsp.and so a lot of resources have been deployed to fight against it to ensure the safety of civilians.

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