You will prepare and submit a term paper on Inequality, Poverty, and Environmental Health. Your paper should be a minimum of 2000 words in length. Globalization is the integration of socialization among individuals in different countries all over the world. In most cases, socialization is brought about when a country or an individual wants a favor from another country such as investments or trade between countries. On the other hand, inequality is a form of discrimination where one individual feels more superior to the other. There are, however, different forms of inequality. Firstly is the gender inequality. In this case, one gender, either male or female is superior to the other and therefore not equal. In most countries, men are taken to be the only people who can make a decision about any matter. For this reason, women are discriminated, and their ideas neglected. However, there are countries in Africa that offers equality between men and women. In such countries, women are also given a chance to vie as presidents and lead the nation. Secondly, there can be income inequality. Income inequality is a situation where some individuals earn high incomes than others. Another factor is the national inequality. Some countries are resourceful than others and, therefore, they can never be compared in any way either.

In most cases, poverty people are known to have no money to buy food. If such individuals don’t take nutritious food, they risk suffering from malnutrition diseases. Since they have no money, when they fall sick, they would not afford any treatment. For this reason, their health life would be poor leading to death (Grant 6).

Globalization entails production of goods and services by the producers, taken to the market, and consumed by the consumers. However, consumers can demand more goods. In order to attain the equilibrium, producers must use two options. Firstly, the producers would opt to increase their products in order to meet the customers’ demand. When there is enough production, demand will be equal to supply and, therefore, attain the market equilibrium. However, there might be factors such as low capital or inadequate skills that might hinder producers from producing more. For this reason, the producer will be forced to raise the prices of the commodities.

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