You will prepare and submit a term paper on Communication Technology and Psychological Well-Being. Your paper should be a minimum of 1500 words in length. The mantra of “life is a roller coaster” seems applicable in my case when I have used it with my friend who was not able to understand how life can be so bad with him. He tried to understand how he could have failed the exams that he was supposed to pass. In the future, I would be able to use these mantras productively if I ascertain the exact manner in which their role becomes magnified. This is so done through an understanding of the different life events, as and when they shape up. I would find out the true meaning of these mantras if I make their proper usage because this is deemed as very significant at the end of the day. Hence the mantras represent their own meanings and should be understood as such.

2. How do you stop a runaway horse? Name, define, and explain the three strategies which don’t work and the one strategy which does work. Provide a specific example of a “runaway horse” situation in your own real life. Explain how you (or could you have used) each of the three strategies which don’t work and what the results of using each strategy were (or would have been). Explain how you used (or could have used) the strategy which works and what the results of using this strategy were (or would have been)

Stopping a runaway horse is indeed a difficult thing to do, and more so within the reins of changing workplace scenarios. These three strategies which would not work include abandonment, acceptance, and manipulation. The strategies which do not work in the wake of the runaway horse include the fact that they are given more room to expand their basis and thus lead the company from the front. The other strategy that is employed but does not work at all for their sake is to make them sit at important positions within the office environments. Lastly, the strategy that is made use of and still does not work at all is that of finding more subordinates or peers to work alongside them so that they can feel comfortable about the same steps by the organization. However, these three strategies remain failures and the runaway horse finds a new ground where it can start again.

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