I will pay for the following article MUSCULOSKELETAL. The work is to be 1 page with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Musculoskeletal due: I agree with Peng Anderson about prioritizing the assessment of the patient on physical symptoms, lack of medical cover and preventive health care, stress and depression, sleep difficulties as well as drug use, BMI/waist circumference and lifestyle and family history of heart diseases, cholesterol level and cancer. The last four factors are closely interrelated in causing pain in the mid lumbar area. Lumbar disc complications such as degenerated discs can cause pain in the disc space. The pain eventually spreads to other lower parts such as buttocks, legs and feet (Buttaro, Trybulski, Polgar-Bailey, &amp. Sandberg-Cook, 2012). Factors such as doing heavy physical work may cause degeneration of discs. Obesity, which can be linked to the patient’s lifestyle and the family’s history, may as well cause disc degeneration (Rajasekaran, Venkatadass, Babu, Ganesh, &amp. Shetty, 2008). A thorough understanding of the five factors and how they are interrelated is important in the treatment of the patient.

I agree with Christopher Johnson on prioritization of treatment as the best thing to do. This is because it aims at relieving the acute nature of the patient’s injury thereby alleviating pain. This way, his good health will see to it that he can carry on with his activities of daily living. When treated, the patient will be capable of reaching out to his relatives and friends for assistance. The assistance may come I form of meal preparation and transportation to and from physical therapy (Fink, Gebhard, Fuerst, Berger &amp. Schäfer, 2013). The patient’s overweight could be caused by factors such as stress and depression, which can lead to overeating or poor food choices (Mikhael at al., 2013). The patient’s counseling will only be effective if the pain is relieved first.


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