Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Illegal Immigration in the United States of America. Not every illegal immigrant means to bring harm to Americans. However, the greatest concern is the small percentage of illegal immigrants that bears bad intentions and the implications of illegal immigration to the United States of America (LeMay 2). Illegal immigration poses considerable threats to the United States because it leads to security breaches, health concerns, economical burdens, an upsurge in crime and violence, drug trafficking, human trafficking, undermining American values, overpopulation, and job losses for Americans.

The United States of America has been a haven for many people seeking a better life for their families and themselves. Some of the immigrants come to America to attain the American Dream without going through the right procedures, therefore, being declared illegal immigrants or aliens. History shows that the first immigrants to the United States of America were Europeans from Germany, France, Holland, and England. Asians then started immigrating to the United States mainly from Japan and China. Currently, the largest number of illegal immigrants come from Mexico and makeup at least sixty percent of the illegal immigrants. America currently hosts eleven million illegal immigrants and many experts believe that the number could be larger nearing up to twenty million (Haugen and Susan 23). With such a high number of illegal immigrants, there are more adverse implications developed than the benefits derived. These effects will be discussed further as the paper unfolds.

Many Americans complain that their jobs are being taken by illegal immigrants without fully understanding the process. However, illegal immigration and unemployment in America are related. Illegal immigrants largely provide unskilled labor. This means that they perform many of the jobs that average Americans do not want because they are cumbersome, undesirable, or dangerous.&nbsp.


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