I will pay for the following article Folklore with Witches: The Juniper Tree. The work is to be 8 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Other instances of witchcraft occurring under the tree include the young daughter’s placement of the bones under the tree and the transformation of the bones into the beautiful bird that is then able to act on his own. It also uses the Biblical symbolism of the Evil One, who continuously influences the second wife to do evil to the young son and the form of the apple. The second wife uses the apple to tempt the young son to the trunk with the sharp lock on it that functions to behead him and an apple is used to entice the daughter to strike her brother, causing her to feel his death is her fault. Although it is a story of retribution, the husband and the daughter suffer no ill effects because their participation in the boy’s murder was unintentional, unlike the second wife’s deliberate entrapment and murder. The husband was not aware that the boy’s body had been cut into the stew he ate and the daughter realistically played no part in the murder yet suffered a great deal of grief over his loss. Therefore, the husband received a golden necklace, to remind him to always be mindful of what he swallows while the daughter received a pair of apple red shoes to remind her to always watch her steps.


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