EDMG230 Mock Incident Response Plan:

PowerPoint Presentation and Incident Action Plan

Your assignment this week consists of two parts, a PowerPoint Presentation, and an Incident Action Plan:

First, you will be creating a PowerPointpresentation that gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the material we have covered during the course.

Second, you will create an Incident Action Plan(IAP) by filling out ICS forms 201 – 206. This will be where you can use some of the information from your PowerPoint response plan to fill in many of the blanks of the IAP.

For this project, students will come up with a fictitious incident that has just occurred or expected to occur in your community. Basically, you are creating a response plan for a specific hazard or incident. In a PowerPoint presentation, you will develop a response plan for that incident. The PowerPoint presentation must contain a minimum of 10 slides not counting the title slide or reference slide.

This is a single incident of your choosing such as a terrorist incident, active shooter, natural disaster, etc. Our goal is for you to simulate an incident response and use your project as an opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned about the incident command process during the course.


Be sure to include Graphics in your slides so that they enhance or reinforce the text in the slides. These can be pictures, animation, etc. Graphics are worth 20% of your grade.

Title Slide (Slide 1): The Title slide must include the following:

Incident Name

Student Name

University Name



Professors Name

Slide 2: Overview of the Incident to include the following:

Discuss the type of incident you are planning for and the problems, issues or concerns with the incident.

Slides 3 – 11 (or more if needed): Comprehensive Response Plan

Fully develop the five functional areas of command to include their roles and responsibilities in the incident

and then,

Set the priorities, objectives, strategies, and tactics (POST).

The Week 3 reading regarding “All Hazard Incidents: Setting Objectives and Strategies” will help with your Priorities, Objectives, Strategies, and Tactics.


Set Priorities

Set Objectives – Objectives should be (SMART):Specific, Measurable, Action-Oriented, Realistic and Time Sensitive

Identify Strategies to meet your objectives

Identify Tactics to achieve the strategies

Last slide: If you use a source, it must be properly APA cited and referenced as external research may be required in addition to the assigned readings.

After completing the PowerPoint presentation, you will complete ICS Forms 201 – 206. This will be your venture into creating the Incident Action Plan (IAP).

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