I will pay for the following article Description of My Being on the Wheelchair due to Walking Disability Caused by the Accident. The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Wheel Chair

It was on 23rd October 2009, when I felt the World had ended. It was a triggering moment where I had an accident that contributed to dislocation of my two feet. This led to my being on the wheelchair due to walking disability caused by the accident. It was unbelievable how a wheelchair would be the replacement for my walking. Pushing the wheelchair was the most difficult endeavour, as it demanded someone else to assist me. The use of the wheelchair created a platform to comprehend more about its basic use.

As I sat on the wheelchair, I found out that it was made of a black high-backed leather seat, four wheels, footrests, with the front wheels being much smaller than the back wheels. Surprisingly, the two back-wheels consisted of two large wheels with two plastic and metal circles that approximate ten inches. I was privileged to have a friend who assisted in the pushing and from her point of view, the two push handles of the wheelchair augmented the pushing effectively. The two handles were effective as the tool required human capability to move and the handles served that purpose. My friend assisted to control the turning and speed, thus, helped in stabilizing the chair and its wheels. Feeling my friend do the pushing was a remarkable experience as I learnt that one requires pushing the handrims comprised of circular tubing attached to the wheels. My experience riding the chair was not easy as often, I felt discouraged pushing it, as it demanded a lot of attention. However, after spending some time pushing it, I learnt that controlling the chair required one to move over the wheel for ease walking.

As I was pushing the wheelchair, I could hear the gasping of the chair. This experience was so painful that it reminded me of my experience prior to the accident. Life was normal, I could go anywhere I wished to but after the accident life changed to the worse. Walking was enjoyable as compared to riding the wheelchair, which demanded much attention. Looking at the pair of the wheel of the chair, it reminded me of how the disable encounter challenges in their walking. I knew that one should be grateful while he is walking on his two feet for many would regard it but have no choice rather to walk on the wheel chair.

Being a beginner at pushing the wheelchair, at times I would lose control pushing it. I tried my best keeping it stead, grabbed handles hardly, and indeed made it to the end. It thought it to have been difficult, but I realized the need of thinking how a person pushes the wheelchair. Since then, I felt calm to be independent on pushing the wheelchair which a give me a sense of responsibility and satisfaction. For many people learning about a wheelchair could have meant nothing but it meant a lot to me to comprehend what a wheelchair consists of and how one pushes it. I am grateful that after a while, my legs recovered and can walk again. Walking on the wheelchair was the most painful experience, as it demanded a lot of attention as discussed in this paper.

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