Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses crime prevention coalition of america. The major Watch of Neighborhood’s goal was to improve on the life quality through ensuring a secure environment for each citizen. Another ultimate goal of the program is to provide all the concerned authority as private sector partners, Local government officials and many more with the necessary information that will enable them to execute crime prevention programs in line with the effort of creating a more secure, safer and more lively community. To ensure that there is the establishment of a central position in the efforts of law enforcement. To cultivate cooperation among all community elements see that every member of the community has been educated on how to deal with crime in their vicinity.

The program had stipulated objectives to aid in the delivery and provision of the services to the community. Some of the objectives that were formulated in the program are. a review of the past efforts employed in crime prevention, conduction of the examination for the laid crime prevention principles and development of ways that will ensure that crime is dealt with to the lowest rate possible in the community

The chart depicts the manner in which the program will be executed in the sequences shown by the arrows. The cost of crime prevention program in the United States costs more than $428 billion each year. The cost of crime hurts every member of the community.

There are two evaluation types that are commonly used in crime prevention programs. These types are. process evaluation and Outcome evaluation.

Process Evaluation technique is usually designed to help in understanding and assist in improving the activities that are delivered as part of the program. The process evaluation aims at assessing if the activities of the program have been executed and implemented the way it had been planned in the crime prevention program. Outcome Evaluation aims at studying how the structures of the program have been effectively implemented. Evaluation helps in understanding the nature of the design that was devised for the program (Lab, 2011).

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