Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses child development theory. It serves as a reference point for understanding and highlighting achievements, and alerting professional for individual differences.

Gaining control over the body, being able to walk, climb and run, being able to use the limbs in the right manner, being able to understand and communicate, eat healthy and safe food, having the ability to be a part of the community.

Linking past experiences with the present situations, combining various areas of knowledge and experience, making the strengths, interests and rights of every child cohesive, providing individualized experience to each child, looking beyond behaviour and reflecting on the messages behind the behaviour, are some of the things caregivers can do.

Through daily experience he builds a sense of identity, determines his dependence on others. He develops a sense of self-esteem and values his beliefs. He is willing to improve himself and develops confidence that he will be able to achieve it. The sense of self is derived from the relationship with other people. He wants to see himself as a valued contributor to society.

As child care professionals we should give due recognition to the child on the assumption that each child has unique characteristics. The individual strengths and interests should be identified and the child should be helped to develop a positive and realistic sense of self. Encouragement when necessary and disapproval of undesirable behaviour in a decent way should be demonstrated. Professionals should help children to know and understand&nbsp.themselves. Professionals should provide a conducive environment where usage of the rich language is encouraged, and children have space and opportunity to communicate and respond. Encourage children to use verbal and non-verbal forms of communication, professionals should also respond to children’s attempt to communicate in a meaningful way. Children should be encouraged to recognize the power of language and the non-verbal form of communication.

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