Create a 11 pages page paper that discusses zero carbon homes: heat pumps. Moreover, emissions from industries and vehicles are another big concern. Residential units are the biggest consumer of energy. A number of power generation units are built to supply continuous power to the residential units. Residential units consume a massive amount of energy. A massive amount of energy is consumed in lighting the house, warming, or cooling the house.

Renewable energy sources are not efficient sources of energy but also emission-free energy. Wind power, solar power, geothermal, hydrodynamic, etc are renewable energy. Renewable heat sources may avoid the massive amount of emission into the atmosphere. however renewable energy sources can provide continuous energy without emitting greenhouse emissions. In many countries, governments emphasize utilizing renewable energy sources or a mixed system of grid power and renewable energy to lessen the burden on energy generation units.

The Climate of the earth is constantly changing due to the massive use of fossil fuel sources. Coal is considered the most economic yet the dirtiest type of fossil fuel. Fuel oil like kerosene, diesel, and gasoline are more enriched with energy than other dirty impurities like sulfur, etc. More than 50 percent of the energy is generated by burning coal ( 2014). The more energy is consumed, the more coal is burned to attain an increased amount of power. The more the coal is burned, the more will be the emission produced. The emissions pollute the atmosphere, oceans, and thus enter the food chain and directly penetrate into the human body during the process of respiration.

Energy management is the proper generation, transmission, use of energy in an efficient manner. Efficient generation refers to the power generation technologies by utilizing efficient power generation methods and combining energy recovery processes to produce as much energy as possible by limiting the use of fuel&nbsp.( 2014). Fossil fuels that are more concentrated give better results as compared to less concentrated fuels. Natural gas is a more concentrated fuel as compared to coal or fuel oil. There are many losses during the transmission of power. Line losses can be minimized by adopting technologies that have low line losses.

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