Create a 10 pages page paper that discusses models of strategic change. Classic works in the field of organizational change describe this process from several basic theoretical stances, but the common view is that organizational change plays a key role in maintaining the efficiency and competitiveness of the organization (Van de Ven & Poole 1995).

However, implementation of the change is associated with numerous difficulties: the change is hard to initiate and sustain, it takes much time and it has to overcome the innate resistance of people to change. Perhaps these major problems led to a common misconception that change is not necessary for an organization: the example of Enron, Daewoo Motors, Pan American and several other industrial and technological giant clearly demonstrates what is likely to happen to an organization which fails to recognize the necessity of major change despite the difficulties associated with this process.

Traditionally, organizational change is analyzed through the perspective of social (organizational) psychology, sociology, and management (Balogun & Jenkins 2003). Researchers admit that social and psychological factors interrelated with the principles of management combine core elements of organizational structure that allow judging of productivity of an organization, its marketability, stableness, the motivation of personnel, etc. Social criteria of organizational change generally include the size of an organization, the so-called “time depth” (time of it existing), social and demographic structure, professional structure, functional structure, etc. Psychological criteria consist of the alleged “social climate”, group identity, formal and informal structure of an organization. Finally, managerial principles include the necessity of changes, all-round assessment of the market situation, etc. All of these types are interrelated and may combine a variety of factors necessary to include while classifying organizational structure (Weick & Quinn 1999).&nbsp.

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